Want to get employees back into the office? Offer perks

In the wake of widespread remote work arrangements, many companies are now facing the challenge of encouraging their workforce to return to the office. This transition is not just about reverting to pre-pandemic norms; it’s an opportunity to reimagine what a workplace can and should offer. As we step into this new era, the question arises: how can businesses create an office environment that is not just a space for work, but a compelling destination that employees are excited to return to?

From flexible work arrangements to office upgrades, and wellness programs to pet-friendly policies, we explore a variety of incentives that are reshaping the concept of the workplace in a post-pandemic world. Whether it’s easing the commute, fostering professional growth, or simply making the office a more enjoyable place to be, these approaches can play a crucial role in attracting and retaining talent in an increasingly competitive job market. Welcome to the future of work, where the office is not just a necessity, but a destination of choice.


    • Flexible Work Arrangements: Implementing hybrid schedules or flexible hours can make the transition back to office work more appealing.

    • Office Upgrades: Revamping the office space to make it more comfortable and inviting, with ergonomic furniture, better lighting, or even leisure areas for breaks.

    • Commuter Benefits: Offering stipends or reimbursements for parking, public transit, or bike-share programs can alleviate the burden of commuting.

    • Childcare Support: Providing on-site childcare services or partnerships with local childcare providers can be a significant incentive.

    • Health and Wellness Programs: Instituting wellness programs, fitness classes, or gym memberships can contribute to a better work-life balance.

    • Professional Development: Offering more in-office training, workshops, or opportunities for advancement can draw employees back.

    • Catering and Snacks: Providing free meals, high-quality coffee, or healthy snacks can add a daily perk to being in the office.

    • Social and Networking Events: Organizing regular social events or networking opportunities that are exclusive to the office setting.

    • Technology Allowances: Supplying the latest tech gadgets or stipends for home office setups can ease the tech transition between home and office.

    • Enhanced Safety Measures: Ensuring the office is equipped with health and safety measures, like improved air filtration and sanitation stations, to make employees feel secure.

    • Relaxation Spaces: Creating areas where employees can take a break, meditate, or just unwind can help promote a more relaxed atmosphere.

    • Pet-Friendly Policies: Allowing employees to bring their pets to work can be a unique draw for animal lovers.

    • On-Demand Mental Health Support: Provide access to mental health resources such as in-office counseling sessions, subscriptions to meditation or mental wellness apps, or workshops on stress management and work-life balance. Recognizing and supporting mental health in the workplace can create a more supportive and understanding work environment, which is particularly valuable in today’s fast-paced world.


Each of these perks can be tailored to fit the specific needs and culture of a company and its workforce. These perks focus on the overall well-being of employees, their personal interests, and values, which can be powerful motivators in bringing them back to a physical office environment.